10 Good Topics For Your Descriptive Essay

When you compose a descriptive essay, you are looking to draw your readers into your story by appealing to their senses and their emotions. You should make use of language that helps paint a picture in a person's mind. You want to recreate all the smells, sounds, and sights that are a part of the story your paper is telling.

Tips For A Top Mark On Your Next Descriptive Essay:

Figures of speech can be helpful when you are trying to recreate events, places and people in your descriptive essay. Similes work well. For example: "The snow was like a soft, thick, white blanket that covered the town..." Your audience can see the snow, feel it's heaviness and imagine the silence of the streets.

Metaphors are also frequently put to work in descriptive essays. A metaphor implies a comparison, or connection between two things that are in fact quite fundamentally different. For example: "The local bullies circled the young girl like sharks..." Your readers will feel the girl's fear, and anticipate something untoward may happen soon.

Ten Terrific Topic Starters For Your Next Assignment:

  1. Your Dream Vacation
  2. Take your reader with you on a trip to paradise! But you'll have to find the words to transport you there.

  3. Your Worst Nightmare
  4. How bad was it? With the right descriptions, they'll feel your fear!

  5. Your Favourite Spot
  6. Describe the place where you go to get away from it all. How it makes you feel, the sounds, the smells and the silence (or the noise!)

  7. The Solar System
  8. Bring the universe to life by giving the sun, the moon and the planets character with vivid descriptions. For example "Fiery red, angry Mars lies at the edge of the galaxy..."

  9. A Painting, Sculpture Or Piece Of Art That Inspires You
  10. It could be a Monet, Gaudi, or a local wall of graffiti. Why are you attracted to it? How does it make you feel?

  11. The Best Meal You Ever Ate
  12. Don't skimp on the details and the descriptions! Your reader's mouth should be watering by the end of your paper.

  13. Your Favourite Aunt Or Uncle
  14. Pick a relative (living or deceased) and introduce them to your audience.

  15. The Most Evil Human In History
  16. Will it be Hitler's horrible black, beady eyes and the atrocities he coordinated or Bin Laden that is the topic of your paper?

  17. The Worst Traffic Jam Ever
  18. Stuck for hours without moving an inch. How frustrating was that? Put your reader in the passenger's seat as you take them for a ride.

  19. The D-Day Beach Battles
  20. How would you have felt crawling out of the freezing water to find your self on a beach awash in blood? Recreate the scene, and smell the soldiers fear. At least, you will live to write about it.