Academic essay writing help, the basics

Academic writing can be very tricky. There are set guidelines for writing, but the student is under pressure to make their essay as interesting as possible. Here are some of the tips that writers might find useful when writing academic papers.

  • Research- the research part of the essay determines what the writer will include in their paper. This is when the writer looks for the meat to add to the bone that is the ideas that they are putting across. There are many sources of information when it comes to research one can look for books manually if they have access to libraries in school or public libraries. If they do not, then they can use online library catalogues to look for information. There, they can find essays by other writers, book chapters, journals and other publications that might have useful information.
  • Paper structure- this should be determined before beginning the writing. Most papers normally have an abstract, introduction, body and conclusion. These may vary depending on the nature of the essay the writer is writing and the instructions they are following. The writer should make sure they use the essay structure that favors their argument and paints them in the best light.
  • Audience- in any type of writing, the writer should consider the audience that they target with their essay. If the writer understands their target audience, then they know what they will respond to and what will put them off.
  • Relevance- the writer should not put themselves under any pressure to impress. The writer should remain relevant to the topic, write in simple English and not be too complex. They should be straight to the point and avoid repetitions in their work, these make the work seem redundant and boring.
  • Consultation- the writer should not be afraid to look for ideas nor have other people help them improve their papers. The easiest people to consult from are the instructors or teachers if the person writing is a student. They can also consult from their peers or people with experience in the industry.
  • Proofreading- the value of proofreading cannot be stressed enough. Mistakes cloud the judgment of readers, and they fail to concentrate on the message being passed across, only choosing to judge the paper as a blanket piece full of mistakes.

There is no set method that is foolproof when writing academic essays. To be effective, one needs to strike the right balance between creativity and following the guidelines.