Writing an MBA essay: finding reliable information

Since most people who use the Internet use the major search engines, many students forget or are completely unaware that there are databases filled with useful information. Students who are working on advanced degrees like an MBA need to learn how to use databases so they can find reliable information for their essays.

Visit the Collegiate Libraries

Most collegiate libraries have many different types of databases. Some are geared for articles in legal or medical topics. Others collect articles and journal entries for business professionals. There are also databases designed for research in education-based topics. These databases are filled with articles and journals written by top professionals in their respected fields. Most of the pieces discuss the latest research and studies. Professional and academic databases are run by professionals who scour top publications for the best pieces to share with others.

Access is the Key

In order to find these databases, students need to learn how to access them. College and university libraries give their students free access to the databases in their majors. Some might assign usernames and passwords so the schools can keep track of who accesses pieces. Even high school libraries have some database subscriptions so their students can read real articles instead of blogs and content pieces. In most cases, students do not have to question the validity of the articles they find.

Talk to Your Librarian

One of the best sources for finding reliable information is your librarian. It is the job of your institution's librarian and even the library assistants to be able to help students access the appropriate databases. They often have instructional handouts so students can access them on their own. If your college does not have a group of databases for higher-level degree essays, many state libraries do. While you may not be able to directly visit your state's library, most of them have an online presence through the state government's website. There, you should be able to access the library and find the databases that will help you find the best resources.

Major Corporations Have Libraries, Too

One other place to find reliable data is through major employers. If you are working on an MBA essay, then you could visit a major business in your area. Many major corporations also have libraries with the latest journals, books, and articles. Many major corporations are willing to help students because those students could eventually become their employees.