5 tips for writing MBA essays

Writing MBA essays is a tough gig. Not only do you have a lot of complex material to cover and convey, but you also have a lot riding on the grade. Knowing how to best write MBA essays is going to help make your entire MBA experience much more pleasant. The following five tips will help you put your essays together with ease.

First Tip:

Do not copy and paste. You already know how bad plagiarizing is, but when all of the stresses of life, work, and higher education combine you may be tempted to throw good sense out the window. Just don't do it! The risk is not worth the reward and you will get caught. Many professors are using tools to quickly verify whether or not the essay has been plagiarized and you will be found out easily.

Second Tip:

Condense your articles so they are clear, succinct, and within the required word count. Believe it or not, writing a longer essay is not better! After writing your essay, if it is longer than the maximum word count go through and clean up any unneeded words. Simplifying and condensing will also make for an essay that is easier to read - making it easier for you to score the perfect grade!

Third Tip:

Stay within the same voice. If you are writing in the second person voice, don't switch to the third person, and vice versa. While this may seem like an elementary tip, you'd be surprised at how many of your fellow MBA students are incapable of maintaining the same voice throughout a short 2,500 word essay.

Fourth Tip:

Don't ever try to be funny. Ever. Your best bet is sticking to a serious, business-like tone. You are working towards your Masters Degree in Business Administration. Of course you could have fun in business, but when it comes to covering serious topics, such as "The Effects of Amortization on Small Businesses in Dupont Circle" you probably don't want to start telling jokes.

Fifth Tip:

You probably already know what you need to know in order to write the essay! The problem is all of those required citations. If you have been studying thoroughly you are already capable of writing a strong essay, but you will need to verify everything you say with credible sources. So, here's the tip: write your essay first, then go back through the materials you read and find the citations. Doing so will help you complete the essay in a shorter period of time. Most people look for their citations while writing the paper - this just isn't the best way to do it.

In summary, don't plagiarize, write in a clear, concise fashion, use the same voice throughout your essay, avoid humor, and make your life simpler by writing the essay before sourcing your citations.

These tips will help propel you to success on your quest to obtaining an MBA. Avoid these suggestions at your own peril, as they are the best tips for writing MBA essays.