Economics research paper: how to write it in 3 days?

What separates a college economics writer from a great one is not only the latter's ability in creating content, but also their desire to make a difference and to change the world for the better through their writings. Well, if you're in a pinch and need to complete your economics paper within 3 days, you should follow this simple guide to writer your economics assignment, in its entirety, within three days.

First day, research and take notes

The most obvious amount of writing concentration for economics majors is researching specifics relevant to whatever topic was assigned. Since the economy niche is expansive, perhaps read many different resources available from the government, Wikipedia, Wikihow and perhaps find news reports related to your field of expertise. In doing this, you'll be able to collect valuable data to put into your outline which, of course, should be done concurrently with your research.

After you've managed to handle the note taking, organize everything into your outline, and make your reference sheet which can be used throughout your writing.

Second day, write rough draft and edit

Spend you entire second day writing the barebones content for your economics paper, preferably in Microsoft Word format. Typing is less tedious than writing by hand and, in fact, is probably suggested by many professors. Always adhere to whatever guidelines exist and keep the font size within parameters specified. Don't worry about perfect grammar, spelling, etc. as this will be ironed out later.

Once you've completed the outline, it's now time to begin correcting any obvious errors, restructure your headings and other things which lead towards the final paper.

Third day, perfect final draft and edit again

On your final day of writing, you'll simply want to polish the rough draft, add any missing citations, put together flow charts or graphs to accentuate your financial data, and make sure the conclusion is well-drawn so as to avoid boredom. Once you've done this, give your paper a thorough read-over to make sure nothing was missed.

While some find writing such in-depth economics papers may take longer than three days, you can actually manage to write killer content and thoroughly research economics specifics within a short period of time provided you're a decent researcher and know where the information can quickly be conjured. Whatever you do, NEVER plagiarize your content to cut corners or save time; it'll bite you later down the road.