Business research papers: main structure mistakes

There are often many mistakes made in the structure of a research paper and such mistakes are costly. When you have a mistake or mistakes in the structure, chances are that the content of your research paper will be poor or not as good as it could be. Pay particular attention to getting the structure of your research paper right and then, hopefully, your writing skills will produce content to give you the highest possible mark. Here are some potential mistakes made in the structure of a research paper.

  • the argument is blurred
  • you haven't addressed the topic
  • you write poorly
  • your citation references are incorrect
  • your source material is questionable

Remember that there will be an argument to be researched, explored and commented upon. If you are unsure about this basic argument, chances are that your points for and against said argument will be messy. You need to avoid a blurred argument.

Not answering the question is a problem faced by many students today. It is a real waste of time, talent and effort when a student produces an excellent research paper yet has failed to seriously study the topic. You must address the required topic.

Lousy writing occurs in all forms of writing in all genres. It is not only in research papers that a student can use convoluted sentences. You need to be concise and accurate. You need to write well and develop the argument as you proceed. Your research paper should read like a well-paced story, building as it goes and reaching its conclusion which appears satisfactory and logical.

There are rules and guidelines in the creation of your research paper and if you fail to follow these then your structure is weak and your chances of a good, even a top mark are significantly reduced. Understand the use of the rules in all your research paper writing so that the structure is strong and accurate throughout. If you don't know the correct way to cite sources, your structure is weak and you will be marked down. Know the guidelines and those which apply to your college.

It doesn't matter how well you present the argument, the pros and cons of the point you are developing within your research paper, if you've used poor or un-satisfactory resource material, your finished product will be less than satisfactory. You must use the best of all research material for your research paper.