Choosing A Good Persuasive Essay Topic For A College Student

The purpose of writing a persuasive essay is to convince the reader that your perspective is accurate. For this reason all persuasive essays should be written on any two-sided issue that can easily be debated. The best way to pinpoint a good persuasive essay topic is by considering both sides of a two sided issue and choosing one that you agree with or can relate to.

If you aren't certain if your persuasive essay concept is any good you should try researching it as if you are writing an essay from the opposite angle. Researching the opposing side will help you develop a good basis for your counter argument, which in turn should make your essay much stronger.

How To Tell If Your Persuasive Essay is A Good One

One thing that all great persuasive essays have in common is that they evoke an emotional response. For this reason your essay should be on a very specific topic that makes your reader think about what you are talking about very critically. The arguments that you make should be based in facts, and use accurate examples. However, they should be strong enough to persuade the reader to agree with you because of how the information that you are presenting makes them feel.

Many students write their persuasive essays on "hot button topics" that many people already have strong opinions about. Subject matter like, the Holocaust, Abortion, Gay Marriage and Lethal Injection all make good persuasive essay topics for college students because people already have strong opinions about what is right and wrong in regards to these subjects. This makes it easy to tap into the emotional side of the issue and construct an intriguing argument.

When it comes to persuasive essay writing you'll know right away whether or not you have a great topic by how people react to it. For this reason before you begin writing compose a basic outline that includes examples that you intend to use and then run it by several people to gauge their response. If they react strongly, either agreeing or opposing your stance then you have obviously nailed down a good topic to write on. However, don't forget to consider your own personal beliefs- do not just write on a topic because it is controversial choose a subject that actually means something to you as well.