Writing Tutorial: A List Of Transition Words For An Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is exactly what it sounds like: one that seeks to argue a point, and convince the reader of a particular point of view. When writing this kind of essay, it important that you can build a complex argument that ties together many different points and concepts. And to do so, you will need to employ transition words, to move from one point to another, and to show how they are related to each other.

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Use this list of different transition word for your argumentative essay:

Example: One could interpret Moore's statement to mean that he didn't support the movement, but in reality he was arguing that we should agree with the movement only after we've questioned it.

Example: The king didn't want to upset the queen, rather he wanted to show her to truth.

Example: The weaving tradition in Latin America uses a frame-less loom. Similarly, in Southeast Asia back-strap looms are prevalent.

Example: Unlike with cats which are solitary creatures, dogs show strong pack mentality.

Example: Also, the council intended to protect the truth.

Example: The pattern was consistent; however, it only extended to a certain point.

  • But- 'But' can be used to show the difference between two things, or to show how something is true up to a different point. It is a contrasting or limiting statement.
  • Rather- 'Rather' is a contrasting statement that shows the difference between two things or to or to contradict a statement. It is useful because when using it to contradict something, it puts more emphasis on the alternative that you are presenting.
  • Similarly- 'Similarly' is a transition word meant to show how two things are alike.
  • Unlike- 'Unlike' is a contrasting transition word that shows specifically how two things are different. You can use it to show how one thing relates to another on a specific point.
  • Also- 'Also' is a transition word to show similarity, specifically to show how one this is true in addition to another.
  • However- 'However' is a limiting or contradicting transition statement. It can show how something is true in one instance, but not in another. It is particularly good when you want to show a more nuanced comparison.

One key role of transition words in argumentative essays is in the rebuttal. When including a rebuttal in your paper, you should show how the other side might argue against you, then show how it isn't true. The contrasting transition words above can do this.