Writing an Essay That Stands Out

Ultimately, you should be thinking through your high school years of activities that you can participate in, that will make your resume stand out. For example, volunteer for an unpaid internship within your chosen field of study that will give you some practical experience and show that you are serious and committed to your course of study. If your dream is to become a teacher there are a variety of options that you could choose. One example is going to the local boys and girls clubs to volunteer to read to the younger children and do activities with them. You might bring a coloring book and read the children a story as they color. Offer to keep the nursery for a local church during worship hours. These activities will give you an idea of what age group you might like to work with. Offer a food drive during the winter holidays by placing boxes at the entrances and exits of your high school and ask the principal to include the project in the morning report announcements. If nursing is your primary interest, volunteer at a local long term care home or hospital and offer magazines or books for them to read. You could also have a book drive at your school prior to this for which the care center could keep the books to continue using them.

If you are thinking about starting your own business, you might contact a local vendor that is currently in business for an apprenticeship. During this time you can learn tips and tricks of everyday practice and give you a sense of whether you will like this option. If you think clerical work is your niche, contact the local library and learn how to care for the indexing system. If welding is to be your trade sign up for a beginner's class as an auditor or observer, which means you won't get credit for the class as a grade, but when you apply for admission will show a solid interest above others.

Experience is what will make your essay stand out. As you are writing focus on that experience and give all the details on how it helped you develop your interest and your knowledge in the field. Clearly stating your interests and showing how dedicated you have been will make all the different to the person reading your essay.