Best Controversial Media Topics For Research Papers

If you are asked to write a research paper with the media as part of the topic, then you have a fantastic choice. Just the expression social media immediately conjures up a vast range of topics. The media today of course involves the traditional outlets such as the press, radio and television but also the vast array of technology media outlets. You are spoilt for choice. Technology such as Facebook and Twitter are two perfect examples of how the face of the media world has changed dramatically.

In the humble world of publishing, once all the power was vested in a few publishing houses. Today the term indie publisher is popular simply because there are so many ways anyone can publish today.

But in this particular article we are concentrating on media topics which are controversial. Now while the word controversy is always subjective, meaning that what I think is controversial may not be so to you, we need to be sure that the media topics we do consider are likely to divide opinion. In fact that's a pretty good definition of what makes a media topic controversial. Does it get a person's blood boiling? Does it easily divide public opinion?

But there are other qualities that you need to look for when creating your research paper. Sure it is a controversial subject but is it interesting and does it inform people? It doesn't matter how controversial the media topic might be, if your research paper is written badly then it will receive the appropriate score. You need to make your research paper interesting. You need to draw in the reader and hold their attention. But that's not all. You also need to educate or inform them. You need to tell them things which they either didn't know before or which will stimulate their curiosity and make them want to discover more about the topic.

Here are some media topics for your research paper. Do you consider them to be controversial and if so, why?

  • Social media has revolutionized the way people receive news today.
  • Has the law kept up with media intrusion into people's lives and their privacy?
  • Mainstream media is in the hands of very few, very powerful people. Discuss.
  • The Internet is likely to replace the humble television set.
  • There should be strict laws forbidding ownership of cross media outlets.