Where to Look For Used MBA Papers

It seems that the number of careers requiring an MBA is getting rather ridiculous. A recent article highlighted a few of them, including a Spanish translation position as an elementary school councilor and a marine biology opportunity requiring the biologist to be at sea six months out of the year. The truth is, you're probably only slogging your way through your MBA in order to get to where you need to go - it's not the journey you're going to enjoy, but the destination. So, since you're looking for a few ways to complete the process a bit easier, why not learn where to look for used MBA papers?

One of the best places you could look is your fellow students. There are guaranteed to be at least a few of the students who know where to find used MBA papers. Be careful, though, because these "street vendors" (as they're known in academia) won't hesitate to sell the same paper to two students in the same class. This is a surefire way to be convicted of plagiarism, which would result in being completely ejected from the school.

If you have asked enough people around the school you will eventually find someone who has an online source. This is a much better bet, as there is a much smaller likelihood that your paper will have been distributed to your school twice, and it is even less likely that it would have hit the same professor two times.

Finding Good Paper Examples

Once you find an online source you have to evaluate its trustworthiness. Check for testimonials, but don't just rely on those on the website. What you really want to do is perform a web search on the business name and see what others are saying around the web. They could fabricate the testimonials on their own site, but they can't keep others who have had a bad experience from sharing it with the world.

When evaluating the reviews be sure to use common sense! Remember that most people are more likely to complain publicly than to praise publicly. Consider a ratio of one in five positive reviews as a good sign that it is a trustworthy source. Why? The company is likely selling far more essays than what you see reviews, and most of the individuals they sold to were likely satisfied, but not thrilled enough to write a testimonial. Think about it - do you always go online and write testimonials for the businesses that have done a "good" job for you?

Once you have found a good online source you should stick with it. If you have to go to another provider in order to get a specific essay just repeat the process of checking for testimonials.

Let's get something out of the way right now, though - good MBA papers are going to have a hefty price. Don't be tempted by the sites that are reselling used MBA papers for only a few dollars. They are far more valuable than that - a fact of which you are already aware. Buying cheap papers just because they're cheap is the fastest way to getting kicked out of your MBA program. Play it safe - pay for quality and get your degree.