Where to Look For Accounting Dissertation Help?

Accountancy is a complex and highly specialized field, and to qualify you need to demonstrate a lot of knowledge. One way you're expected to do this is by writing dissertations, and this can be quite a challenge. If your dissertation deadline is approaching and you still don't know what to write, where are the best places to look for some help? Luckily there are a few.

  • The Library. Start with your college library. As well as books you may find that it has subscriptions to professional journals that will contain a lot of valuable material. Using up to date journals as sources is good because it demonstrates that you're interested in new developments and capable of finding information in a variety of sources. Don't neglect textbooks either, though; they're usually the best place to find clear explanations of the basics. Your librarian will probably be very pleased to be asked for assistance, so do so; they're the one who knows where everything is and they're likely to be very helpful.
  • Tutors. If you have a real problem speak to one of your tutors about it. They won't give you any help with the actual writing, but will be happy to discuss how you're looking at the dissertation and suggest some ideas.
  • Online. Like everyone else, accountants now spend a lot of time writing to fill up the empty spaces of the internet. Online journals, forums and even blogs can provide a lot of information. Of course, because it is the internet you need to be very careful with the sources you choose; check everything to make sure the author is reliable, and be very wary of anything that doesn't cite references.
  • Writing services. Some people are great at research and can understand any subject, but just aren't very good at writing. If you find yourself in this position a writing service could be the way ahead. Having your dissertation proof-read and edited by a professional writer will catch any writing or presentation mistakes you've made and result in a much more polished looking paper. If you're really desperate it's possible to have a professional write the whole dissertation for you. Be careful if you do this though, because it's usually regarded as pretty unethical.

Difficult as an accounting dissertation is, there are plenty of sources of help available to you. Make good use of them and it won't be too hard to produce a great dissertation that will show off your work and earn you a good grade.