MBA Research Paper Example - Good Managers are Effective Leaders

In 2013, leaders will have to hone their skills to ensure that their organizations competitively reach stated objectives and goals. It is imperative to note that management is a profession, different from leadership, which is a calling. However, to be an effective leader, one must tap into management expertise. Leadership and management are two distinct entities that must go complementary for the success of any organization, industry, sport, and even a social setting context. Notably, leadership and management skills are essential to direct a group towards stated objectives and goals. More specifically, any leader requires management skills to lead an organization, or any other group effectively. Therefore, one must adapt good managerial principles to be an effective leader.

Change management

The first critical part of the leader's job is managing change. Over the years, change continues to accelerate critically. Effective leaders are those that successfully manage change in their organizations. These are the leaders that effectively realize changes in Managerial principles to ensure the smooth running of organizations, and also, to ensure that they achieve their set targets and objectives.


Successful managers are those that ensure that duties and responsibilities are adequately delegated across the organization. This will ensure that every team player is fully challenged. Effective leaders are those that successfully delegate responsibilities across their organization, to guarantee that every team player is challenged and not overwhelmed by responsibilities.


As leaders successfully delegate responsibilities to team members, they will have to mentor them like good managers to ensure that they remain focused successfully. Good managers mentor their staff to create growth advancement opportunities, job satisfaction and productivity. Effective leaders will also mentor those under their charge to realize loyalty, productivity and commitment.

Performance appraisal

Effective leaders reward their employees who work hard towards set goals and objectives. As a good manager, an effective leader should ensure that the activities that the employees are awarded for should go in line with the organization's objectives. Recognizing initiative will ignite a desire to work in teams and increase accountability among the empowered employees.

Conclusively, effective leaders should adopt good managerial principles and distribute their responsibilities among subordinates with assertion, support, confidence and inspiration. Most importantly, leaders should mentor, delegate, and ensure that they appraise their subordinates' performance, to become effective leaders. Therefore, one must adapt good managerial principles to be an effective leader.