How to write a 6 page research paper in one day - tips for busy students

Whoa! You've put off writing your paper until the last minute, haven't you? Or maybe you want to get it done the second it's assigned and have the rest of the month to relax, right? It's ok; students get busy with life and homework. You would be surprised at the amount of students who often rush on the last day to complete an assignment. Here are eight solid tips you can use to write my term paper in one day:

  • Step 1: Create an outline establishing what you want to write about. First, start with the body. Make different paragraphs off of that, then draw lines and create specific sentences off of that.
  • Step 2: These paragraphs will be butchered and a garbled mess, so edit them for clarity and to maket them longer.
  • Step 3: The hard part. Using what you've created, write a rough draft. Make sure this first draft is at least three to four pages long.
  • Step 4: Make a second rough draft on your computer. Carefully turn your font size up to 13 or 14, which makes words slightly bigger but not too noticibly, increasing your page length.
  • Step 5: Check the page length. If there are at least four to five pages, continue to the next step. If not, make sentences longer and add more information until you have enough pages.
  • Step 6: Edit for spelling and grammar. Sloppy sentences can give you away; now is the time to reform and rewrite anything and everything.
  • Step 7: Now it's easy. Write the final draft to six pages. Edit for spelling, re-read the paper, and edit again. Run as many spellchecks and punctuation checks as possible.
  • Step 8: You're done. Check for the teacher's comments and note what you did wrong and right. You're aiming for at least a passing grade. And for the next assignment, don't procrastinate!