7 Original Political Science Term Paper Topics

The world is rapidly changing around us, and it has been for some time. With the rise of technological and social change, we have found the need to change our politics as well. So when you are writing about political science, particularly if you are writing a term paper, realize that we do not live in the same world that we used to. We live in a global world with a need for global politics. Here are some topics that discuss the chances the world has been going through.

  1. There is a greater concern for empathy with foreign relations than has been discussed in any other error. As late as half a century ago concerns between first world and other nations had been as simple as to how effectively can the weaker nation be exploited? This is no longer permissible in our society, what caused this change?
  2. There have been many arguments on a third party in the United States, but this has not come about yet and it does not look as if it is going to. What would be the benefits of a three party system? What drawbacks in a system like the do we find in other parts of the world?
  3. Oil is a very important commodity and worldwide supplies are being depleted. What are some effective ways to counter this, and what should nations do to prepare for shortages that will occur in the future?
  4. In China, the government has adopted what might be called pragmatic communism, or a society that is communist when possible but adopts capitalist values where these values will have a greater impact or use. What brought this about, and is this the new face of communism we might expect to see in the future?
  5. America has stood in as a world police, at least on international waters, as they are the only country to have a very sizable fleet including aircraft carriers. Can America continue with this role or is there a large political cost?
  6. The EU is one of the first moves towards a one world or one continent government, uniting many countries under a single geopolitical entity. What are the results of this experiment, and what kind of pros and cons do we see from its implementation? Would such an arrangement be beneficial or even possible in other areas of the globe?
  7. What are the major effects of globalism as related to the internet and commerce?