Online Research paper: Do you Really Need to Buy it?

Short answer? NO!

Regardless, there are research papers for sale on line. There is never a NEED to buy a research paper. That being said, people do it every day.


You can place an ad for someone to write your paper on any of the freelance writer web sites. When you do that, writers will place bids to do the job. You choose the one that strikes your fancy and hopefully they will write a paper that will get you a passing grade.


There are also sites that sell pre-written essays and research papers. The problem with this type of site is that for starters they may not have any papers on the specific topic and with the specific aim that you need. Another issue is not knowing how many other people have been sold the same exact paper.

Those are your choices. The more important question though is why are you even thinking about doing something like this?

  1. It is cheating
  2. It is lying when you pass someone else's work off as your own.
  3. How will you know that when you do this, the paper that you purchase is not plagiarized work? If you turn it in as yours and it has been plagiarized you will fail the paper and the class. You may be kicked out of school and quite possibly face criminal charges. Is it really worth all of that just to get out of writing one little paper?
  4. It is robbing whoever is paying good money for you to get an education.
  5. There are millions of people in the world who would love to have the opportunity for an education that you are just frittering away instead of taking advantage of the opportunity that you have been given.
  6. If you begin this pattern of behavior in school what are you going to do in the workplace? Not only will you not have the education that you should, will you also have to pay someone else to do your work for you then?

While it is possible to buy an online research paper it is not a decision that should be undertaken lightly. Think long and hard about it. You may get away with it, yes. If you do not get away with it though, will you be willing to face the consequences? Think about it.