Feminism In Literature

In many ways the world is unjust or tends to favor a given side. This is a reason as to why people hide under other things or cheat to get what they want. In the literature world, many women writers have been forced to write books and publish their works in male names so as to be gain favor in the market. .However it is not very common, it happens and we cannot just burry our heads in the sand and assume that all is well. Female writers are viewed and seen as less competitive compared to their male counterparts.

Although this problem of undermining the females is in many sectors, ladies have stepped up and really want to make their name in equal magnitude as men. The Bronte sisters are a good example of people who were affected by this Feminism in Literature. They had to choose male names and publish their work in fictitious names. They had to pass themselves as brothers so as to get a good shot on the novels that they wrote and published. The Bronte sisters had to first secretly publish their books as the Bronte brothers and later on come out after the books were in the market.

The Bronte sisters did not however earn much as they had desired and so they attempted to create novels. They however did not find much success here. This shows how much feminism has great effect on the literature. It is however unfortunate that literature faces such problems and how much the female writers suffer due to it. Many outstanding female writers at times die poor despite their effort and dedication to writing. It is unfair that they dedicate all their time and energy to writing and never get to reap much from it due to feminism. When the Bronte sisters published their book, it was put in the back burner and it was not a success. Reviews by other people described it as an unnatural tale. It was not until years after the death of Emily one of the Bronte sisters that the novel was seen as an important novel and ultimately became a classic of English literature. It was unfortunate that Emily never got to have a taste of the success of their hard work and effort. Something need to be done to correct this wrong and let the female writers grow and enjoy the fruits of their work.