Napoleon Bonaparte

The world has seen many personalities. It would be doing some injustice to the world if we do not recognize Napoleon Bonaparte as one of these people. His life was and is still a reference point for many. His view of life and what one has to do to have a great path to success is what makes him a darling of many people today. His quotes about life and how to realize and utilize one's abilities to the full potential are great. He was a strong believer of the inner power and how it is the key to success and having a great life. He did not understand why people should be jealous, instead he advocated for seeing the greatness and character of others and using that as a challenge to motivate one to get to even higher levels of success. He believed in the true spirit of learning from others and not being jealous of others success.

His Teachings

Those who have had some time to read his quotes have learnt a lot from them about how to handle life in the endeavor to become great. He teaches in one of his quotes related to the Buddha how to respect oneself feelings. He assures that once you learn how to listen and respect your feelings, you will not find any reason of fear or hate for other people. The strength and character of a person is seen by the measure of respect they accord to other people. He also teaches of every chance in life as being an opportunity to be a winner and be the centre of the chaos and cheers that are associated with success. We can only succeed by making the correct powerful and timely decisions. Our lives can only be shaped by the decisions that we make. Napoleon Bonaparte believes in the ability of the brain which is beyond our imaginations.

His Mysterious Death

The death of Napoleon Bonaparte is surrounded by many questions. While the official cause of his death is said to be stomach cancer, it is believed that he had never suffered of stomach cancer. Many facts that have been collected over time just make this listed cause of death more questionable. Although forensic scientists have been unable to prove any chemical symbol play in his death, other studies can prove poisoning. It is not still clear whether there was some foul play in the death of this iconic figure.