How To Write A University Thesis Paper

Writing a university thesis paper follows the same main points as writing a thesis paper or roughly any other essay at different academic levels. The only difference for university level papers is that more require and time will go into formulating one and completing it. The steps and tips involved are relatively easy.

  • Ask a question about the topic and answer it.
  • Think about how you came to a conclusion.
  • Research.
  • Write the paper. Open big with a strong introduction and end big with a strong closing.
  • Formatting

Viola! You've finished your thesis statement and if you paid special attention to the last one, you'll do fine. However, let's look briefly at each so you'll get a better grasp on how to go about properly doing the paper.

Ask a Question, Give an Answer

Everyday people form thesis statements. They might be weak ones for the most part, but they're still thesis statements. You start one by asking a question of the topic. For example:

Question: Why bother going to vote for mayor?

Answer: Because your opinion on who should run the city and what policies will influence our city's progress you should get out and vote.

Even though the answer might be a bit on the lightweight side, it will be your thesis statement. A strong thesis state makes a strong, clear point and will give you plenty to work with when it comes to writing your thesis paper.

Think About How You Came to the Conclusion

After you have your thesis statement, put a little thought into why you came to the conclusion. Write down all of the points you came up with. The more you managed to get, the strong the thesis statement was. Elaborating these reasons will make up the heavier portion of your paper.


Research is something that will need to be done even if you feel you know exactly what you're talking about and you know the facts to the letter. You'll need cited instances, quotations, and more. Research you point to give it stronger legs. At the university level, the research will take much longer since everything needs to be concrete.

Write the Paper

Write the paper and put your thoughts and the well-researched information that supports them on paper. If there's a number of pages that need to be met do your best to match it. Be sure to cite the quotes that support your case. You'll want a strong introduction that gives a brief preview of what the paper will go into and a strong closing that reviews the paper and revisits your point. Wrap everything up with a works cited page.


There are several styles of academic formatting to use from MLA to APA and all others in between. The formatting can be a bother to master, but is necessary for your thesis paper and any other essay.

Be sure to manage your time wisely when doing your paper to ensure the proper amount of time is dedicated to each step in the process.