Making Up Interesting Accounting Thesis Topics

Should Tax Preparers Be Certified and Licensed?

Currently tax preparers are not required to hold certification or a license to prepare tax returns but in light of the increase in IRS tax audits of thousands of taxpayers each year for items that were not counted for on the tax return, too many deductions or by reporting false information regarding their incomes, some in the accounting industry wonder if it is time for tax preparers to have a license in order to prepare taxes because of errors they often make out of ignorance or willingly to help people get more on their refunds.

How Poor Accounting Methods Cause Businesses To Lose Money

You can write a thesis paper in which you discuss commonly known poor accounting methods that are used at businesses and how those methods cause business to lose money. You can gather the research by reading a few business academic journals, books and magazine articles on this topic. Also interview a few accountants in your area and get their recommendations on how businesses can employ better accounting methods. Talk about how start-up businesses are especially at risk of using poor accounting methods and planning for their businesses.

Tips On Preparing Accounting Thesis Paper

It becomes difficult to choose a topic in accounting since it's a broad subject and one way to choose the best topic is to read a few current events articles that pertain to what you've studied in your accounting classes. Another thing you want to do is meet with your professor because he can provide you with plenty of topic ideas. Talk to a few classmates and get their recommendations based on what your personal research interests are. You want to gather research at least a month before the paper is due so you can focus on typing it during last few days before the due date.

Role of Technology in Accounting

Another research idea is to compose a thesis paper about the role that technology has played in the accounting profession and if technology improved or hindered the way accountants perform their tasks. Start with a history of the accounting profession up until the early 2000s then discuss the technological advances that made things easier for accountants and others in the finance sector. Interview some local accounting experts to get their opinions on this topic since it adds credibility to your paper.